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Rules of Entry

Please read this information carefully. To apply for the Miss North Yorkshire competition you must agree to and abide by the following rules.


1. Applicants must be aged 16-27 years on the date of the Live Grand Final. (i.e. can be aged 15 when applying, if you will have turned 16 by the date of the live final. (If aged 15-17 years, parental permission to enter will be required)

2. Applicants can be single, married, divorced, with or without children. There are NO restrictions on relationship status/children.

3. Applicants' legal gender must be female.

4. Applicants must EITHER: live, study, work OR have been born within 30 miles of the North Yorkshire area. This includes all areas within and between: York, Thirk, Northallerton, Harrogate, Scarborough, Selby, Guisborough, Ripon, Knarsborough, Skipton, Whitby, Richmond, Pickering, Redcar & Teesside.

5. Applicants must be of good moral character and must conduct herself in a professional manner throughout the Miss North Yorkshire competition.

6. Applicants must act with good sportsmanship throughout the entirety of the Miss North Yorkshire competition.

7. Applicants acccpt that the judges decision is fair and final.

8. Applicants accept that the Miss North Yorkshire competition, its organisers, sponsors or associated businesses or persons are not responible for the loss or damage or any of the applicants personal items during any part of the competition.

9. Applicants accept that prizes may change at any time.

10. Applicants accept that they may be disqualified from the Miss North Yorkshire competition at any time, should their behaviour or conduct be deemed as inappropriate or outside of these stated rules of entry. No refunds will be given for any aspect of the contest, e.g. tickets to live final, etc.

11. Applicants accept that they may be disqualified from the Miss North Yorkshire competition at any time should the behaviour or conduct of their friends and family at the live final or in the run up to the competition is deemed inappropriate or likely to bring the reputation of the Miss North Yorkshire into disrepute. No refunds will be given.

12. Applicants accept that should be elected as the overall Miss North Yorkshire winner, they will not be permitted to enter any other pageant or modelling competition throughout their reigning year, other than the national competition that Miss North Yorkshire leads to.